Dreams of Snakes Meaning

Are you feeling anxious or agitated thinking of your last night’s dream about snakes? Or did your loved one dreamed about snakes and you’re curious to know what does dreaming about snakes means?

Green color snake closeup

Well, in either case, you’re in the right place! We will help you solve the mystery behind snake dreams and also uncover what does snakes in a dream really signify?

It is common to feel frightened or scary of dreaming about snakes. Due to its mysterious and shadowy perception, people often see a snake as an unpleasant thing, be it in reality or a dream.

When it comes to snake dreams symbol, this cold-blooded animal is extremely complex in nature. It is reasonable one of the most widespread mythological and spiritual motifs across different cultures and religions.

 As not everyone’s opinion about this silent, creepy creature is the same, so do different cultures and religions. You may know people who found this animal dangerous, scary and deadly and there’re also people who find this creature beautiful and striking. Even so, many people keep them as pets.

Similarly, many cultures symbolize snake as spiritual and heavenly. For instance, Snakes are considered a symbol of divinity and eternity in Egypt and India. People in India are often seen offering them milk. A snake is seen as a symbol of auspice and honor in China. Also, the Chinese Zodiac includes snake as one of the 12 animals.

On the other hand, a negative connotation is also attached to this creepy creature. Many cultures perceived the snake as a symbol of darkness, mystery, and danger. Therefore, it is important not to be judgmental and look at your dream neutrally.  

So, is it good to dream about snakes? Does dream about snakes symbolize something positive? Or a snake in dreams is hinting towards something negative? Keep reading to discover snake dream meanings and interpretations?

How to Interpret Snake in Dream

Sowhat does a dream about snake means? Seeing snakes in a dream has different meanings depending on a number of underlying factors. Therefore, when interpreting the meaning of snake dreams you have to ask yourself the following questions:

perfect shining big black snake with green eyes
  • Which specific type of snake did you dream about?
  • What was the color of the snake? Was the snake textured or was it of any specific color?
  • What was the snake doing? Is the snake chasing you, biting you, hiding, or doing something else?
  • Who did you saw in the dream? You yourself, a friend, a loved one or someone else?
  • Also, take into consideration your cultural context. Is snake perceived good or bad in your culture? For instance, in the East, a snake symbolizes positive things like transformation, creativity, wisdom and is revered. Whereas, in the West, snakes are associated with negativity. They are seen as something dangerous and to be feared.
  • Your feelings and attitude towards the snake in your dream? Were you afraid of the snake or your feelings were neutral?

The answers you’ll get can contribute greatly to extracting the meanings of your dreams. So take out some time, sit in a quiet place and try finding out the answers. The more in-depth the answers you’ll find, the better it’ll be in interpreting the dream.

Symbolic Meanings of Dreams about Snakes

Before diving deep into particular dreams about snakes let’s have a look at the most common snake dream meanings.


One of the most common meanings of a snake in the dream is fear. As snakes are unpredictable and can appear anytime without warning, so dreaming about snakes represents an underlying fear of something in your life. Something that is unpredictable and not in your control.


Carl Jung, the founder of analytical psychology, interprets that snakes or serpents represent healing and transformation. As snake has the ability to shed its skin, so dreaming of a snake could represent transformation or transition.

Depending on the color of snake in your dream it could mean something positive like self-renewal, growth, knowledge, passion, and wisdom or anything else. Fighting with a snake in a dream means that you’re resisting the change and you are happy with the way things are.

Phallic Symbol

According to the classic Freudian school of thought, a snake or serpent represents a phallic symbol. It signifies temptation, repressed thoughts, raw sexual energy, or forbidden sexuality.

Sigmund Freud, the founder of psychoanalysis, interprets that Snake dreams represent a phallic symbol which means they can symbolize male energy and are related to sexual desires, sexual deficits or urges.

Knowledge and Wisdom

Snake in some cultures also represents knowledge and wisdom. Dreaming of snake, therefore, could mean you are seeking knowledge or trying to find some answers.

Kundalini or Spiritual Growth

In Hinduism, Kundalini refers to the divine energy located at the base of the spine. The energy that coils up from the base of the spine to the crown of the head and then beyond, which signifies the spiritual growth of a person. Dreaming of snakes, therefore, means an awakening of Kundalini.


As snakes or serpents defend their ground and fight when threatened, so snake in dreams could mean guardianship, responsibility or protection.

Snake Biting its Tail in Dream

A Snake Biting its own tail is known as Ouroboros or Uroboros.  It is a Greek word meaning “tail devourer” which is the symbol of eternity.

Meanings of common dreams about snake

Do you know that the average person has 1460 dreams annually? From falling, being chased, flying, taking a test to be nude in a room full of people, our dreams really are a connection with the present moments. Similarly, to dream of a snake is also one of the common bedtime themes.

Almost every one of us has a snake dream at least once. According to dream analysts, nearly one in every 20 dreams involves a snake. Depending on our everyday life situations and circumstances, the surroundings or themes of dreams may change but seeing a snake is a common thing.

Barbara Condron, an author, teacher, and internationally known speaker who has interpreted over 10,000 dreams believes that individuals with a more developed sense of consciousness, like healers, yogis, meditators or creators, are more likely to see snake imagery in their dreams.

grey and black snake showing long tongue

After having a general idea of what some of the common meanings of snake dreams are let’s dig deeper into the particular meanings behind snake dreams.

Feeling fear from the snake

Do you know that according to Wikipedia’s list of deadliest Animals to Humans worldwide, Snakes rank 3rd position? Yes, that’s right. There’s a reason people fear snakes either in reality or in dreams.

Being afraid of a snake in the dream could mean that you’re trying to overcome a challenging situation or a difficult person in your waking life. Maybe you are facing a tough situation or you’re suffering some kind of grief or separation presently, so a snake in a dream symbolizes your inner fears and worries.

Chased by snake

If you dream about being chased by a snake it could possibly mean that there’s someone in your life you’re not comfortable with and hence trying to avoid or escape from that person. Maybe because you don’t want to get hurt or hurt that person, so you escape from it.

It could also mean that it’s a situation that you’re trying to avoid, maybe a project, a test, or a health-related issue. You feel trapped about it and not taking any action to come out of it.

Tamed snake in dream

Seeing a tamed snake in the dream is a good sign. It could indicate wealth and prosperity in the near future.

Domesticated snake in dream

A domesticated snake in the dream indicates that you’re in the process of overcoming tough and hard situations. It shows that you’re trying to maneuver and overcome difficult situations in your life.

A wild snake dream

Dreaming of a wild snake could possibly mean being worried or fearful about something in your life.

Pet snake dream

A pet snake in a dream is a positive sign and it could indicate some positive changes and the process of healing in your near future.

Dream about snake bite

If you are bitten by a snake in your dream then it could possibly be a warning sign. Maybe a toxic person or a challenging situation could harm you. Seeing a snake bite in a dream could be a wake-up call for you to take any steps or actions. It could be something from your past or present that you’re uncomfortable with but ignoring or avoiding.

Another interpretation of a snake bite in a dream is that you’re not satisfied or content with your present situation. You want to do something about it but don’t feel the courage to do it or you are confused and don’t know what to do about it so you are ignoring it.

Bitten by a snake in a dream also has a positive meaning. Snakebite in a dream could symbolize a dramatic change that is about to happen in your life. Particularly, if a snake bit you in your leg or foot then it could mean that your unconscious is predicting a major transformation or change.

According to Psychologist and Dream Expert, Ian Wallace dreaming of a snake indicates a person’s natural ability to transform certain areas of life that he/she no longer finds rewarding.

Being bitten by the snake suggests that expressing your needs really clearly and assertively is the best way for you to make this transformation. As you do this, you will be able to show up as the person you want to be, rather than feeling that you always have to show up as the person that other people want you to be.

Poisonous Snake in dream

Have you dreamed about a poisonous snake? A venomous snake dream symbolizes a ‘poisonous’ and toxic relationship.

Do you know that person who’s a black sheep in your life? Maybe someone in your life you thought is improving your life is, in reality, doing the opposite. Seeing a poisonous snake in dream is a warning sign to cut off that person from your life before something bad happens.

Fighting snake in dreams

If you dreamed about fighting snakes then, according to dream experts it could be a sign that you’re struggling or having problems making some important decisions. You are confused or uncertain about your decision.

Holding a snake in hand

If someone dreamed about holding a snake in hand it could possibly mean having a child in the family soon.

Meaning of uncommon snake dreams

There’re some rare or uncommon snake dreams too. Let’s have a look at not so common snake dreams and their possible interpretations.

Dead snake in dream

Dead snake in a dream is a positive sign meaning that either you’ve overcome a problem or difficult situation in life or you’ll in the future.

Snake with two-heads or multi-heads

Dreaming about a two-headed or multi-headed snake means suppressed fears and complications in your present life. Seeing two-heads or multi-heads snake indicates that you’re pulled in different directions and not focusing on one thing.

Snake talking to you

If you saw a snake speaking to you in your dream, it indicates some negative forces arising from your subconscious mind. Snake spoke words in a dream means that your inner instinctive wisdom or greater spiritual power is trying to tell you to stop or slow down a bit before taking any steps. It could also mean opening up to some new opportunities and possibilities in life.

You talking to the snake

If you talked to snake in your dream it could possibly mean acquiring higher knowledge or wisdom. That is you will get to know yourself better.

Snake running away from you in dream

A Snake running away from you in a dream represents your enemy or your opponent who was trying to harm you but was not successful in doing so. It also shows that you are tougher and stronger than your enemy. It also indicates the process of transformation and healing for the dreamer.

Snake in the mouth dream

If anybody sees a snake in the mouth in a dream it may be indicative of lack of confidence or diffidence. It means that the dreamer is not confident enough to share his ideas and thoughts openly.

Snake in the bed dream

A snake in the bed could be a warning sign for the dreamer to be cautious about the people in the surroundings. Maybe someone will try to take advantage of the person. Particularly, by getting close he/she will come to know a lot of secrets. Especially, if the person was experiencing heaps of negative emotions at the time of the dream.

Being swallowed by the snake in dream

If a snake swallowed the dreamer it could symbolize that the person is full of negative thoughts in real life. The person should consider the reasons why is he/she so much negative? What are the things that are triggering negative energy and emotions? The person should try to come out of the negativity and look at things from a positive perspective.

Snake turning into a person after biting in dream

If someone saw a dream where the snake turned into a person after biting the dreamer it could mean that the dreamer has bad habits that he/she should try to give up.

Snake’s fangs in dream

If somebody had dreamed about snake fangs it could possibly mean betrayal or disloyalty from someone. The dreamer should be cautious and not trust everyone easily.

Different types of snakes in dreams and their meanings

Which kind of snake you dreamed about also contributes to interpreting the meanings. Different kinds of snakes imply different meanings.

Not only that but dream analysts lay great stress on what particularly the snake was doing in the dream. The surroundings and the attitude of the dreamer also plays an important role in finding out the meanings. These elements are like little pieces of a puzzle, altogether which completes the mystery behind the dream.

grey color snake with black eyes

Boa Constrictor Snake in dream

According to the traditional dream interpretations dreaming of a boa constrictor symbolizes bad luck and difficult times.

If you saw a boa constrictor snake in your dream it could indicate that you feel suppressed, oppressed and suffocated, especially from a relationship. Maybe you’re ignoring your own feelings and emotions and paying more attention to a person. Boa in dreams also suggests that you’re not open and are suppressing your sexual desires and feelings.

Some dream experts suggest the positive side of boa constrictor dream too. According to them boa constrictor in dreams may possibly indicate a new job, new house, fortune, power, and getting through hard and rough times. Like any other snake dream, the surroundings and feelings toward the dream matter too.

Python snake in dream

Dreaming of a python snake is a symbol of a phallic object and sexuality. It particularly is related to an individual person in your life. In some cultures python dreams represent masculinity, specifically being overriding, blatantly sexual, oppressive, or confident.

If you kill or escape a python in your dream it’s a positive sign which indicates positive changes are afoot in your life. For a man, a python dream could mean a masculine issue whereas, for a woman, this dream could indicate assault or an abusive relationship.

Rattlesnake in dream

Dream about a rattlesnake may perhaps mean wisdom and well-being. But the rattlesnake dream symbol could be a warning sign or open hostility if the snake in your dream hisses or attacks. According to dream experts, be it a rattlesnake or any other reptile the behavior of the animal counts significantly in interpreting the meanings.

A coiled rattlesnake in the dream could mean profit; a tamed rattlesnake could indicate traveling or a journey, a twisted rattlesnake around the body or neck could possibly mean disease or ill health.

Cobra snake in dream

A cobra snake dream symbolizes creativity, creation, beginning, good luck, desires, freedom, and unfaithful relationships. To interpret your cobra dream it’s important to look at the details around your dream and the feelings at the time of dreaming.

The meaning of the cobra dream will depend on the details. What did you see? A cobra snake, cobra snake around your body, cobra snake killing you, a cobra in the grass, lots of cobras or a dead cobra biting you. Each of these dreams will be interpreted differently.

Similarly, the dreamers’ feeling towards the dream counts too, whether the person was terrified, surprised. Anxious, worried, strange, insecure, confused, overwhelmed, offended or scared during a dream of a cobra snake.

Different color snakes in dreams meaning

As different species of snake in dreams have different interpretations. Similarly, the color of the snake in dreams also makes a difference. Each colored snake symbolizes a different meaning.

orange and white color snake

Red snake dream

A red-colored snake in the dream could have both positive and negative interpretations. It may signify intense passion, possibly sexual passion. It may also be a warning of potential danger. Depending on what you’re through your walking life look at this dream as a sign of passion or a warning.

Blue snake dream

The blue snake dream symbolizes conflict. Most probably with your inner self.

Yellow snake dream

Dreaming of the Yellow snake is interpreted as a sign of intuition, wisdom, intellect, and caution. Your unconscious mind indicates you to be cautious or careful.

 Yellow snake dream shows that you are getting guidance towards solving a problem or getting an answer to some troubling question. The dream is indicating to listen to your gut and do what inner self is pointing towards.

Green snake dream

A green snake in the dream is a positive signal for decision-making purposes. If you see a green snake and you’re in a cult of decision making, it’s a sign to go for it without any fear or hesitation.

White snake dream

Seeing a white snake in the dream is a positive sign. If the white snake is on the ground it indicates clear vision. It means that you know what you want in life and what steps you need to take in order to fulfill your dreams.

If you saw a white snake in water it indicates regeneration, purification of the soul, and good health. If you dream about a white snake during pregnancy it may possibly mean you’re carrying a baby girlA snake in water also symbolizes money and wealth.

Black snake dream

A black snake dream indicates darkness, evil or danger. But if you see a black snake in a dream while pregnant it could mean that you’ll be blessed with a baby boy.

Grey snake in dream

A grey snake in a dream could symbolize financial problems. It may be because of a thoughtless waste of money. So, a grey snake dream tells the dreamer to be thoughtful and considerate while spending money or otherwise the person will suffer from financial problems in the future.